I’m amazed that after all we’ve seen our President do, and as hard as he has worked to put America first, build the best economy this nation has ever seen, and fight to level the playing field when it comes to trade, that there are still so many in our party who won’t stop fighting him.  I support President Trump and want to bring the same America First attitude to the Arizona Legislature.


Our economy was rolling along until the virus hit -- now we have a real rebuilding project in front of us.   Getting us back on top will require a focus on what works – Freedom to work, less government, free market principles, low taxes, less regulations, a quality work force, and the rejection of crony capitalism.  That’s why my focus is on getting Arizona open and back to work!


I am pro-life and will vote to protect women and children alike without exception.  I oppose abortion and taxpayer funding for organizations that perform abortions, and will fight to defund the corrupt Planned Parenthood and end their trafficking in baby body parts.


“Shall Not Be Infringed”!  I support Constitutional Carry, and I oppose a registry for lawful possession of firearms.  I oppose all gun confiscation schemes and unconstitutional Red Flag laws, and encourage women in particular to acquire the skills needed to protect themselves and their loved ones.


First things first.  Finish the wall and end the flow of crime, gangs, drugs, disease, illegal guns, and human trafficking that come across our border. Protect American workers and jobs by enforcing our laws, and eliminate any incentives that encourage illegal aliens to come across in the first place.  And with unemployment at record levels thanks to the virus pandemic, ensure that Arizonans are hired to fill jobs as they become available.  I also oppose amnesty.


Our country and our state has the most advanced healthcare in the world, but we know it can continue improving as long as we keep government from choking the life out of it.  We need free market reforms to help bring costs down and access up.  Democrats continue to press for socialized medicine, but their attacks on our private health insurance threatens everyone’s well-being.


I believe in school choice and support the rights of parents to choose what is best for their children.  That’s a big part of why I’m running for the Legislature.  The Democrats and even a handful of liberal Republicans oppose school choice and are targeting our charter schools and the families they serve.  I also want to see real accountability for our education spending and public metrics for parents to be able to choose the best school for their kid.


I oppose Common Core and any efforts to federalize or nationalize K-12 education.  I would encourage any Arizona curriculum to adopt best practices and great ideas from anywhere, but we should be developing our own curriculum here. I also support the proposed Classroom Ethics referendum to require a strict ethical and moral code in our classrooms and to keep politics out of the classroom.


This issue is personal to me because I have a son who served and lost his legs fighting for our freedom.  I operate a non-profit to help returning and injured veterans and want to be sure that Arizona is the most veteran-friendly state in the country.  We can’t ever make those like my son physically whole again, but we can make sure that they are supported and appreciated and given every chance to live as full and rewarding a life as possible.


Our longstanding debate over liberty suddenly became very real during the government’s response to the virus pandemic.  While I recognize there have been a lot of different opinions on the balance between safety and freedom, it has been comforting to see so many people stand up for our God-given rights and push back against government overreach that, no matter how well-intentioned, has seen moms and dads jailed merely for trying to work and feed their families.  I’ll always work to defend and expand the freedoms we all deserve.