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We are up against the special interests in this race, but We The People have the numbers we need to win it!

Kathy Pearce

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You can count on me to do the right thing!

Lower prices, safe neighborhoods, good jobs, quality schools, stop the flow of drugs, elections that everyone can trust, and an Arizona that is the best it can be.  That’s my mission.

Arizona is a great state, and life here is better than it is in the states around us.  That’s why so many people are moving here.  But that doesn’t mean that everything works as well as it should.  We should always be trying to do better.

President Biden’s policies are wrecking Arizona’s economy, and we’re paying insanely high prices for gas, goods, medicine, housing and more.  Now they want to put the country into recession to tackle the inflation they created, and we the working class are going to get hammered by them and the unemployment they will create.

 That’s why I’ll keep working to attract jobs, fight inflation, safe neighborhoods and quality schools, and keep Arizona one of the country’s best performing economies.

 I ask for your vote so that I can go to the State Capitol and do the right thing!

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