I will be the consistent, conservative representative you deserve

Kathy Pearce

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You can count on me to do the right thing!

We’re a conservative district and deserve a conservative Representative. That’s why people asked me to run and why I agreed. I’m running because our district is currently represented by Michelle Udall, easily the most liberal Republican in the State House, and we deserve someone who will champion our conservative values and principles.

I'll protect your wallet, defend school choice, oppose unconstitutional Red Flags laws that violate our 2nd Amendment rights, and protect our Constitution and God-given rights. It will take a commitment to limited government to bring our economy back from the damage wrought by the virus and the total shutdown. I'm committed to bringing Arizona back stronger than ever, which is why I’m endorsed by patriots like Cindy Biggs, County Treasurer Royce Flora, Kathleen Winn, former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Dr. Ralph Heap, and more.

I know freedom isn’t free -- my son Brent lost both legs fighting for us in Iraq to keep America free!

You can count on me to do the right thing!